Inspired by Reinhard’s deployment to Afghanistan in 2011-2012 as a Department of Defense Analyst embedded with a U.S. Special Forces team, Outside the Wire it is a character driven drama about the convoluted reality on the ground in America’s longest war.

Synopsis: To fulfill his father's legacy, a civilian analyst volunteers to help a Special Forces team secure a key village from the Taliban, but the conflict, politics and corruption on the ground test his ideals and support of the war.


“Where the Road Ends”

A blockbuster with a diverse cast, “Where the Road Ends” is part western, part heist film, but all action. The setting is also partly inspired by stories of life in Allied occupied Austria after WWII from Reinhard’s grandmother.

Synopsis: In the immediate aftermath of WWII, an AWOL African American soldier, a vengeful Jewish woman and a ruthless Soviet Intelligence officer must partner to find stolen gold before it disappears down Nazi ratlines.